TVM – Vacuum Induction Melting

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TVM Furnaces

Topcast TVM are induction furnaces conceived in a closed environment designed to melt and pour any kind of alloys under high level of vacuum.
In particular, TVM is the right choice when reactive metals are involved, as in the case of Titanium, TiAl, Zr and Nickel-based alloys.

Co, Cr, Mo and PGM alloys are other typical examples of TVM typical usage.


TVM furnace is conceptually divided into 4 sub-systems:
  1. Vacuum Melting Chamber with optional alloy feeding chamber
  2. Induction Generator
  3. Tilting Coil and Crucible Assembly
  4. Casting Mold both in Metal or Shell technology
TOPCAST develops this class of furnaces under customized specifications for what concerns crucible capacity, mold size and vacuum level.
In case you are interested in getting a quotation do not hesitate to send us your technical specifications.

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